Small Update on Rapid Fat Loss Cycle

Small Update on Rapid Fat Loss Cycle

I started this rapid fat loss three weeks ago. I ate “not too good” the couple days prior, so I was around 214lbs. After the first week, dropped to 210.7lbs. I expected that drop because I don’t typically weigh that high. The next week I lost 1 lbs. I was at 209.8. The next week was a diet break and I was able to only gain back 1lbs, 210.6 (which is better than I thought from a huge diet deficit).

I started another, yet shorter, rapid cut for 10 days, and I am four days in, but this time I am depleting glycogen (carbs). Yesterday I weighed in at 207.9 lbs.

Am I just starving myself or am I making progress????

Three things I look at for an effective diet. One - weight. I am losing weight so one of three is as planned. Two – body fat. I went from 14.47% BF to 13.73% (calipers). So, to me personally, that is the only thing that matters. Three – pictures or mirror. This is what a person can physically see in a transformation. I definitely see more abs, so that is a good thing. And, from my perspective, I don’t see a loss in size (muscle).

My goal is to be 10% body fat by early May. I’ll probably be around 200lbs at that time, maybe less, but I am taking it slow to preserve lean body mass.

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