Pictures DON'T Lie

My wife Angela and I was on a vacation in Las Vegas. We were having a great time, and of course I was drinking and eating like crazy, why not, I am on vacation. Our cousins, Bobby and Nicole, met up with us, and we always party hard with them. We all took pics of our great night.

Well a few days later, Nicole posted the pics on Facebook. My first thought was “who the hell is that fat fuck in the green shirt?” “Is that really me?” “Where did that gut come from?”

Until that point, I NEVER, I mean NEVER saw myself that way. And why is that? Well because we don’t realize that most people typically suck in their gut, or stand up a little taller, maybe flex their arms a little every time they see a reflection of themselves. We tend to stand a certain way, a capture a specific angle when we take pictures because we believe that’s the best version of us. In other words, we see what we want to see. We may not always be happy with that reflection, but it’s still a better version of the real you.

When YOU take a pic or when YOU stand in front of the mirror, guess what? That isn’t you. When you’re caught in the background of a pic or video, or when you are in a picture when you had no idea you were being photographed, that is a real you. That is the version that EVERYONE else sees every day. Pictures don’t lie. That picture in Vegas was an eye opener. I realized what I was doing at the gym and my diet wasn’t working. The picture of the “real you” will motivate the shit out of you to accomplish a goal. Use those pictures to your advantage.

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