weightloss challenge.png


1. must be a body shock fitness studio member


2. Click on macrolife fit link, download app

3. weigh in on Saturday, Sept 19, 2020

4. Final weigh in on Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

5. $20 Entry fee (cash prize for winner)

Hello All,

Thank you for your interest in a four-week weight loss challenge. There is a cash prize for the winner.

Rules: You must weigh yourself the morning of Sept 19th. Weigh in on the morning of Oct 17th,


Attached is a very nutritious diet. You do not have to follow it, but it is good as a reference to a healthy diet.


If the app seems confusing, I can help. It’s actually very simple when you get the hang of it. You do not have to use the app after you paid the entry fee. You can just text or email me your weights. But the app is an easy way to communicate.


The diet program can be very effective, but keep in mind, this is not one on one training, so they may not address any specific issues that you may have.


The intention of this is to motivate you for future weight loss. I ALWAYS recommend proper diet habits. Yes, you can starve yourself and possibly win this challenge, but you are setting yourself up for failure in the future.


CASH PRIZE: I will have a specific number before this challenge starts.

Have fun, stay safe.


My rule on free nutrition advice, if I can answer it in a min, I’ll gladly share free tips.