This plan is a great plan to rapidly lose fat. For 14 days you will have a large deficit, from 700-1000 kcals. Yes, that’s extreme, but there is a plan behind it. When your body doesn’t have enough energy, it will use fat stores to help keep you functioning. BUT…… your body is smart. Your body WILL adapt to this by slowing your metabolism. Before this metabolic adaptation occurs, the second cycle will be back up to your maintenance calories. This helps keep your metabolism working in your favor.


-You only pay for 14 days at a time, no commitment. If you only want to try out one cycle, then that’s fine. BUT HIGHLY NOT RECCOMENDED TO FOLLOW THE LARGE DEFECIT FOR A LONG TIME. YOUR BODY WILL ADAPT AND IT'S LIKELY YOU WILL HOLD ON TO BODY FAT.


-This is not one on one training, I can offer a discounted “add on” if you’re interested.


-The meal plan is super basic. If you’re on for a few months, we can start to change it up a little.


-$5 discount per cycle with 3 month commitment.