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I am your guide and support system.

Unfortunately, sometimes the people closest to you are your biggest doubters. And yes HATERS, there are always haters in life. Well, fuck ‘em all, WE GOT THIS. Let’s accomplish your journey together.

You have a question, I have an answer.

If you have any nutrition questions, I will provide a scientific, evidence-based answer. No “bro-science” here.

I can help you overcome bad dietary habits.

There may be small habits that you don’t even realize you’re doing. I can help you remove them.


I will help you follow your plan, I will keep you in check.

We are all human, we make mistakes, we fall off, but I will be the one to get you back on track.


I will alter your diet to overcome metabolic adaptation (plateau’s).

Bad dietary advice can put you in a bad position when it comes to dieting.


I will constantly teach you “why” I am doing your diet a specific way.

Success for me will be that you can continue this lifestyle in the future on your own.


I will offer physical activity advice.

For example, if you are doing too much cardio, I will explain how that affects energy balance.



I will challenge you and make you accountable.

You are the one who will make yourself successful. You are the one doing the hard work. I am just a guide to motivate you and keep you on track.

I can provide flexible options.

I like the six-meal approach because most clients find it hard to eat all the food from the plan, and eating more often makes it easier. But if you only want three meals, I can make it happen. If you want to fast, I can make it happen.


I practice what I preach, I would never advise you to do anything that I wouldn’t do to myself.

I am constantly learning and I always aim to be effective.